Queen Izora and Red

Chapter 3 of the Chronicles of Dun’ragon is moving right along. We have added a small treat in the ongoing story for all the fans that have let us know just how much they liked our sneak peek of Queen Izora awhile back. And here is another sneak peek to keep the Queen’s fans enticed.

We have read a lot of comments and gotten several emails asking us where to find Chapter 2. I can only surmise those misguided fans simply haven’t read the story part of the set! Lol. Otherwise they would have known that we included Chapter 2 with Chapter 1. You should find the title sheet for Chapter 2 about halfway through the first set. So while this is the second standalone set for Dun’ragon, it is indeed Chapter 3.

So enjoy this image and lease let us know what you think of the images for Chapter 3 so far! Also feel free to tell us any of your thoughts regarding the storylines from Chapter 1 and 2 and where your particular interest was in seeing more! And of course comment below as to who your favorite characters are! We are dying to know!







Also lesson learned, one project at a time, so Red is on hold for now. I rendered about five images of her and her story, here is another teaser for you :0) this 3DX image set will be done at a later date.





The Izora looks so peaceful. The owl thing is freaking me out.
The surrounds for Red look really nice. Just going by the detail some of the pieces have like that building in the background where the wood bends to the left a little.
Something is fresh roasted. Hope its peanuts.

February 4, 2014 at 4:19 am Eric reply

The Dunragon pic looks sweet, I hope this means its story is going in to the consensual/happy sex direction like with the orc/elf couple before, instead of the rape/force themes seemingly dominating the web. I wonder how long this story will go/many chapters it will have.

Small continuity issue I have is how the elfs in the other preview are all wearing far less armor than Fae’aria and all the other elfs had as clothes in the first part. But only because of continuity, and the opinion that a strip with a bit more cloth can be very sexy.

February 5, 2014 at 9:55 pm Dean reply
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