imageBirthday: unknown
Height: 5’7” (169cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (69 kg)

Current Residence: Fae’aria was raised as a ward of the elven church in the citadel of Stormhaven in the Elvish Stormwood Forest of the Dun’Ragon Realms. Fae’aria’s next home was to be Zompaz Keep on the northernmost border of Stormwood, but she never made it and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Background: Fae’aria was born and raised in the village just outside the Stormhaven Citadel as a ward of the Church of the Threefold Goddess. Her father infrequently visits the village from his many scoutings in the outer realms, bringing news of the outside world whenever possible. He is known as a charming storyteller and acquirer of exotic possessions. At the Queen’s court, he is a favorite entertainer that garners the Queens favor as often as he garners her displeasure!
Rumors are all that Fae’aria has to go on regarding her mother’s identity. No one either knows or won’t speak of her mother to her, and since Fae’aria strongly favors her beautiful and charming father in looks, she cannot even begin to guess who birthed her.

Fae’aria is far more robust and voluptuous than any other elf, and she holds a great deal of ill respect in the village due to her obvious half-blooded status among the proud full blooded elves. Her exceptional beauty has attracted several ‘curious’ elven lovers that have shared her body in secret, so as not to have their reputations tarnished by the halfblood.

Fae’aria, knowing only this way of life, has embraced her secret lovers and the ‘gifts’ they have given her in exchange for her ‘charms’ over the years. Her magically enhanced armor, her enchanted sword, and her eldritch bow are all tokens from her lovers in exchange for the pleasure she has shared with them. Some of her lovers have even been somewhat pleasant in bedsport.


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I think your art is exceptional. I purchased your sets from affect3d and enjoy them all. But this one is my favorite. That Fae’aria elf is sexy as hell! When do you plan to release another set of the Dunragon series?

January 13, 2015 at 2:41 am venacular reply
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