Name: Elizabeth (Ellie) Wilcox
Alias: Salome (Stage name)
Birthday: September 1st

Family: Father: Fredrick Wilcox (Deceased),
Mother: Jamie Wilcox (Deceased)
Stepfather: George Templeton (Though not ’officially’ her stepfather.)

Residence: When asked Ellie will say that she splits her time living between her “Stepfather’s” home in Beverly Massachusetts  and her sorority house at Witchstone University.In reality  Ellie spends most nights sleeping at her boyfriend Simon Whitman’s apartment or occasionally in one of the very special VIP suites at ‘Black Irish’s Infamous Platinum Pickle’ Gentleman’s Club.

Occupation: While listed as a student at Witchstone University where she is majoring in Theater and Dance, in truth Ellie rarely attends any classes thanks to her association with her friend Lauren VanDerWitt. Secretly  Ellie is working part-time as an ‘exotic dancer’ in a number of clubs around New England which are owned in part by Tyson ‘Black Irish’ O’Dell  under her stage name ‘Salome’.

Family History: After her natural father died in a boating accident when she was seven, Ellie’s mother spent most of her time traveling with her new boyfriend George Templeton on his many overseas business trips. Ellie was left to the care of her strict grandmother and sent to a even stricter private girls school run by what Ellie likes to refer to as a bunch of Neo Nazi Nuns. Life was not made easier for Ellie as she ‘developed’ at an early age reaching a size 32 DD cup by the time she was 15. The nuns took great pains in trying make Ellie feel ‘bad’ about her shapely figure.

Home on a rare holiday when she was 15 Ellie discovered that her mother’s boyfriend George was having an affair behind her mother’s back and tried to blackmail him into convincing her mother into letting her attend a normal high school. Not a man to be trifled with George quickly turned the tables on Ellie by setting her up on a fake drug bust which he made ‘go away’, giving him leverage on the young girl.

Never-the-less George was impressed by Ellie’s initiative (and  no doubt her quickly ripening body) so the two struck a deal where Ellie was allowed to come home whereupon Ellie proceeded to get into one minor scrape with the law after another in an attempt to get her mother’s attention. Already an alcoholic with an increasing addiction to sedatives Ellie’s mother soon died in an ‘accidental’ overdose of sleeping pills just after Ellie’s 17th birthday. With no immediate next of kin Ellie stayed with George who many people incorrectly assumed to be her legal stepfather.

Ellie felt no need to correct anyone as George had control of Ellie’s trust fund which she would only receive a small monthly allowance until she was twenty-five years old or graduated college.Though saddened by her mother’s death Ellie reveled in her new found freedom. Which lasted a whole four and a half months when George ’suddenly’ married Madeleine Fairchild. At which point Ellie thought she was stuck with yet another demanding alcoholic for an ‘unofficial’ stepmother and a stuck up little princess whom people irritatingly  called her stepsister. However things soon took a turn for the better when Ellie became friends with fellow classmate Lauren VanDerWitt who introduced Ellie to an exciting and exotic lifestyle beyond her wildest fantasies.

Sexual History: Despite the constant lectures of the evils of sex by the ‘good little sisters’ Ellie soon realized that her body was the key to getting things that she wanted. She gave her first blow job at 15 to an older maintenance worker at the school who traded sex for cigarettes, pot and beer. He also aught her the finer points of fellatio as well as how to suppress her gag reflex. When she was 16 during her summer break Ellie met an 18 year old boy from the neighborhood who talked her into ‘going all the way’, though it didn’t take much effort. The two screwed as often as they could get away with.

Though once to often.

One day in late august the two were discovered by George ‘doing it’ in the pool house. George might have let the matter pass as it gave him even more control over Ellie but that day he had just paid out several thousand dollars to cover up an accident Ellie had caused while driving drunk. George kicked the kid’s naked ass out and after he was sure he had high tailed it out of there grabbed Ellie, bent her over his knee and proceeded to spank her ass until it was bright red. The sight of the buxom’s teenagers inflamed ass proved to be to much of an enticement  for George who enjoyed his sex rough so he proceed to take Ellie’s anal cherry there in the bath house. After which the two started a semi-regular routine of whenever Ellie needed bailing out she then usually had to ‘pay back the loan’ with her body. This practice continues to this day even after George married Madeleine Fairchild.

Ellie takes a particular satisfaction on ‘pulling one over’ on the Fairchild’s who to her seem more than a little snobbish regarding her. Currently Ellie has a boyfriend named Simon who she believes is unaware of her ‘special’ relationship with George. She is also having a fling with T.J.. Black Irish’s son and on again off again boyfriend of Lauren’s.




Hi Will, Ellie looks fantastic. I’m very excited for her upcoming sets. She has an interesting bio. Fantastic work my friend

August 2, 2014 at 3:31 pm Cosmic reply

is she looks like Elayne from Hibbli’s work?

November 6, 2014 at 12:17 pm Desmond reply

might be same base model, ill ask her

November 6, 2014 at 1:16 pm zen reply
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