56Name: Carina Juliet Blazkowiki

Birthday: January 1st 1991
Height: 5’6” (167cm)
Weight: 114 lbs (51.82 kg)

Current Residence: Carina lives in a ‘loft’ style apartment which belongs to a close friend named Fiona Mason who is at present working out of the country and is located close to the Witchstone University Campus

Background: Carina is the only surviving child of Stefan and Jolene Blazkowiki. Carina’s older sister Stefania – to whom she was devoted – “died” in the same plane crash that killed Carina’s parents when Carina was seventeen.

Stefan Blazkowiki – while not a cruel man – was a strict disciplinarian who expected nothing short of straight “A” performance out of his two girls at the exclusive girl’s prep school they attended. This school was not adverse to resorting to corporal punishment as a means of enforcing its very strict dress codes and behavioral standards, even after its girls were well into their teens. A policy that Blazkowiki echoed at home.
An exceptionally beautiful woman who the girl’s appearance took after Jolene Blazkowiki nee Hamilton was considered to be something of a timid mouse to those who knew her.

Then shortly before their death something in Jolene changed and she began to challenge her husband’s draconian ways in the treatment of their daughters. This lead to a number of heated arguments that Carina and her sister overheard whenever they were home from their boarding school.


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