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Practicing Witchcraft

Tomorrow  Patreons get the final image set and comic! On sale at Affect 3D, Renderotica and Mongobongo’s blog next Saturday.

Nineteen year old Gabby decides to try some new spells despite her aunt Maggie’s warnings. When her attempts to conjure a new pet turns terribly wrong. A demon is summonsed who refuses to let Gabby orgasm and threatens to take her to the underworld for an eternity of sex without cumming!

Vaginal, Anal, Double Penetration, Oral, Tit Fucking, Petite, Teen, Multiple Cum shots, Orgasm Denial, Demon, Monster Sex, Fairy, Fantasy



Practicing Witchcraft 0-89

Gabby and her friends have 89 images done with 10-15 more to go. Working on DP and final cum shot along with some filler transition images needed.

This set has a full comic written by Mad Monk (I can’t write for shit!) few samples below of his work.

In stores Jan 16th, all $10+ Patreons get these 89 image now, all $5 + Patreons get the set next weekend(ish).



Witchcraft update

Ok all $10 + Patreons get the current WIP (work in progress) 45 image set.

I’m looking for pose references you may want to see her in, so if you have a favorite pose or want to see a pose post a comment with a ref link or PM it to me and ill consider doing it.

I am trying to get the Patreons commissions done this week while working on this set and try to do an animation – will be posted for all Patreons $1+ when done (shooting for Dec 25th).

*disclaimer on the animation attempt – I rage quit the last time I tired 😉



Practicing Witchcraft (WIP)

Gabriella (Gabby) has had some success with her witchcraft under the tutelage of a magic hat named Jax, that she conjured from scraps of retired witch hats and brooms. Still a novice and somewhat mistake prone Gabby insists on practicing almost every minute of the day.

By far her favorite spell is the summoning of creatures no longer part of this world but with one caveat they are much smaller than they had been, once summoned she quickly cages them. Gabby often taunts the little creatures she has collected getting a kick out of their squeaky angry voices.

Jax has warned her to stop this hobby of hers and focus on less risky spells. With all her mistakes it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong.

Mocking Jax Gabby has decided to summons a small demon to add to her collection: “What’s a witch without a demon pet?”

$10 Patreons got the firs t200 WIP images today


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