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Erin and Vikki V: After School Activities (done)

Set is done, wish I had more time to add a few more poses but I will get to it next set.

All $5 + Patreons will have info on where to get set in a few minutes. On sale Affect 3D this week.



Erin and Vikki 5 (home streach)

Sneak peek at Erin and Vikki V: After School Activities

The good news this will be about 100 images, the bad news is I lost 30 images of the now second part with Rachel being played with.

So what we have is Erin and Vikki go to an interview after school for a company called New You Inc. to what may become the next set in the series, they treats girls for HASD (Hyper Active Sexual Disorder), or do they….;)

At the same time Natalie is giving Rachel a “tutoring session”, Erin and Vikki were invited to join them, so next set could go that direction too.

Turns out the interviewer is well, you can see :-O

This set will go out to all $5 + Patreons end of next week, in stores Oct 27th.

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63 done

I had to improvise, I lost 30 images of the Natalie – Rachel part and trying to recreate everything was too much for me to deal with. So, I am making this a two part set. First Erin and Vikki have a “work study” interview with a company who on the outside seems to be helping girls with over active sex drives (there is more to come on that). Well you know what happens when Erin gets worked up.

Then that same afternoon Rachel has a tutoring session with Miss Natalie who introduces her to some lite bondage and her ex-student now full time house keeper / sex toy for Miss Natalie, Jennifer, (also a part of that work study program hmmmmm what really goes on at that company?)

There are about 20 – 30 more images left with the Erin / Vikki part to finish this set.



Guess Who

Hey all, got an update for you.

The Natalie – Rachel set will be delayed about 30 days. It was supposed to be done Sept 19th. I lost 30 images due to a hardware failure. I have not got official word that the data is unrecoverable but and I quote “it does not look good” I am pressing them for a response.

I still have the 35 images I posted here. I tried to recreate he scene and stuff but I rage quite in frustration. I was going to just can the entire thing but Supro gave me an idea. I plan to bang out 30-40 images as a front end to that set, where Erin and Vikki are playing around. To set the stage they will be at school and Natalie will invite them to her mansion but they already had plans etc.…. Once done with Erin-Vikki I will cut to the Natalie – Rachel part, so sorta 2 things happening at once type deal. See if that works.

Eric asset is 60 images in and still need at least 2 more scenes (perhaps a cut scene too… ) so this will be 80+ images when done, at this point it’s possible it could be done by Oct 1, I have an update on that one but will be Patreon only image as things are getting too harsh to post publicly.


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