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Twe’lik slaves (Image 3 for Contest: Vote)

Vote on one or all of the 4 3DX iamges and a quick story/scenario.Voting will stop after one of the images hits 50 total votes, highest rated iamge will get a 20 image set and post it here for you to download.

Two slaves and their owner deciding which will be sold to a Sith Lord and who gets to stick around and have “fun” with him. Before the girls are separated maybe he wishes to take them both for a test drive?

I’d love to do a space setting #D image set, not done one yet, may have to play some SWTOR again 🙂



Twi’lek and updates

First real attempt at setting up a 3D Twi’lek, trying to get some models worked out for a SWTOR set that eventually will be done, early stages of discussions on it and have a few other things to get done before I can get going on this image set. I would love some feedback, is this type of 3DX of interest and any thoughts on character development / improvement are welcome.

I used to play the game and there are a ton of places to take a story and 3D sex, not to mention Twi’lek girls are hot. I want to work on a Sith Twi’lek next see how skins look. Then need to work on male characters.

Wednesday look for a post on the Elf set, its completed and will officially be released on the 20th.

Also, it’s time to whip up a nightmare for Carina, she was my first set I did last Christmas (sex with Santa) she has not been rendered in Octane yet and she is overdue, that may take up the next few weeks.


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