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Your Wish Is Her Desire (featuring Tori and Ashley)

108 images done, finishing up the last 3-5 renders, having some folks QA it then will be at Affect3D Feb 25th!

004 073



Tori update

Well, I am close to 50 images but have a lot more to go, im going to wrap up a few renders tonight and send the current WIP bunch out to $10+ Patreons Saturday. Oh, and things got a bit more interesting for Tori, Ashley has left (more to come on that) but now Desire has shown up to take care of Tori  😉 and how did she get that tool!?!?

On a futa kick lately, have to render some non futa this weekend 😉

update_00_tease update_01_tease



As in Tori and Ashley.

About 20 images in to this se, I am traveling Tue-Wed next week my plan is to get the current WIP images to you $10+ Patreons for review before I head out so probably Monday 🙂



Feb WIP Set

After getting feedback from PAtreons on the last attempt of this set I went back and recreated a new room and took the prop feed back into consideration.

The biggest change here is lighting to be honest. I am trying a different approach with this set on lighting, see how people like it J

Feedback welcome but for the most part these are the opening 2 images of a set im starting now and targeting end of Feb for release.

The opening has Tori busy unpacking stuff while Ashley is distracted by text messages, from who I wonder?

This will be futa based set, both these girls “at the moment” are NOT futa; things change.

001 002

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