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Sonya 1-55

Set will be released May 28th got 25-30 more to do until then 🙂

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Because 2 is better than 1

Making progress on a few fronts.
First Sonya set has finally got the sex part, the beginning anyway, 31 images now. I am at the point that only $10 Patreons will get this current work in progress but ill send out an image ever 20 or so I render here. These two rival tribes men are going to have some fun before they kill Sonya (or thats thier plan anyway).
Also later at worst case tomorrow Shades of Darkness up date, I have spent a few weeks making the room in C4D so will be looking for feedback on that, I am no pro but im getting better with making stuff.



Sonya reboot

I  rebooted the set (17 images sent to Patreons last week) changed the scene a bit esp the alter / orb thingy.

Before I go 17 images deep again im looking for feedback. My thoughts are right now that to establish Sonay as a fighter and someone who can take care of her self 2-3 of these green creatures attack her, they get slaughtered pretty easy :).

then I am thinking about a few diff scenarios to have more sinister type characters take her but that I will leave in my head for now.

Big thing I need to get from you is this setting too dark? And dose this new alter look better Vs the perfect table top one i had in the image set send out last week?




Sonya Chapter 1

Sonya’s set has begun and chapter 1 is done (Patreons get all 20 images tomorrow)! Well, almost done, I got 2-3 more renders tonight then post work, 15-20 images details of her plight will be posted tomorrow with the images.

That said, I had to share this special effect animation with you. I wish I could take credit for the special effect, the “brain washing magic beam” but that credit goes to my friend Morfium and an example of what C4D (with XParticles) can do!

He is a top 3DX artist and If you’re looking for some of his content check his A3D store out here!

Show him some support if you can!


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