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Rubi Set Done

Hi all The Rubi set is done. It is a lot more images than Didi and I anticipated but well it’s done. Patreon $5 + got the entire set today, Affect3d and Mongo releasing it soon.

Next few sets I am going to make a bit more edgy / dark 🙂 , but first going to take a few days off from rendering and catch my breath the 2 sets at once was a real drain on me but we got 2 sets out prior to April.

I am putting in a lot of effort learning DAZ3d the past week, I have rendered some images using DAZ and Octane and now I am trying to get the privet parts right. A lot less lag in DAZ when posing and a lot more options for monsters, males and even rooms/settings. Poser is killing me with the lag it has.

I may try a quick mini set in DAZ and post see what you guys think.

Here are some images form the Rubi set, an image from each ACT in the story, enjoy……. and thank you for visiting the blog.




Hey everyone,

I am finishing up Rubi’s set. Will be done mid – late next week.

I think later today I will start concept renders on a Warcraft set I am going to do, Carina set will be done on the new system once its free from the Rubi renders.

I’ll try and get some random 3DX stuff up here too over the next few weeks, but probably take a small break after next weekend to recharge.



Rubi at 97 and counting

Rub’s set is at 97 images all in, I have about 15 more to go as Rubi’s lover has shape-shifted into his human form and well… she needs some human dick to round off her sexual desires.

She gets quite the work out in this set…

Three cum shots done with at least one more to end things, release to vendor stores March 21st. Patreon $10+ get the current set tomorrow with only the human sex left and $5 Patreons get the set in full a few days before release.

80 97




Rubi and an update

Hey all, working on a few things after some work travel the past few days.

Rubi’s set is now at 58 iamges (Patreon pledges $10+ just got the link to download 1-58 images) and still has 2 more sex scenes with about 20 iamges each to finish it. Entire set will be close to 100 images  :-/ lots of work… I actually put it on hold today in order to render a quick 3-5 mini set with a new Orc I just got and for shits I added a second Orc and of course a little perky Elf to play with. Post that tomorrow 🙂

I haven’t done a quick random set in a while.

Erin’s set is at 45 iamges, probably get 20 more in before release and this one will have to be a 2 part set, lots to do and 65-70 iamges is about 60% done, a quick follow up set to that late March will also be done.

Carina is also on Deck, with Jack Frost, since my city looks like Siberia now with 4-6 feet of snow the past few weeks it seems fitting and Carina needs a set 🙂

Mad Monk is putting together a Carina XMass set, I dont want to miss that again this year so we are planning early and will start rendering in Sept at the latest so Early December she will be good to go for her 3rd Xmass set.

And one note, I have no issue posting critical feedback but I refuse to approve comments that are narrow minded and piss on my efforts because you don’t happen to like the genre. Post that the model is ugly, the hair looks like shit, the lighting sucks, or yo dont care for the genre and I will approve. However bitch about an image set(s) not being exactly what you want – then GFYS…. I work my ass off trying to improve, have some diversity and also have no problem trying new stuff, e.g Futa is going to have a couple sets a year.






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