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Rachel Public Show

So seems like Rachel is putting on a show at the bus stop before her commute to the university. Single frame here BUT tomorrow (or Saturday depending on work load)  Patreons get the 10 sec looping animation! 



Rachel’s turn

Well, Natalie has finished with her house keeper while Rachel eagerly awaited her turn, now it’s her turn in Natalie’s play room. So far 33 images in, all $10 + Patreons are getting a link for WIP download now.

I am also done with part 2 of the BDSM set (33iamges) I’ll get that up here tomorrow, well an image or 2 and again $10 folks get early access to that too.



Hors d’oeuvres any one?

I’m multi-tasking at the moment. This is 1 of 2 sets I am rendering the BDSM set I sin part 2 now and im at like 16 images there, its starting to get nasty.

This set is a spinoff of Erin and Vikki – Miss Natalie’s Play Room –

Part 1 intro and set up done 13 images in all, all $10 Patreons will get the WIP once I post work them, give me a day or 2.

In this set, Miss Natalie invites Rachel to her mansion, as a reward to her submissive student she treats Rachel with some play time. Oh, and Miss Natalie’s hose keeper loves anal and has one part in this set beyond getting one of those toys implanted in her ass before they head to the playroom, wonder what one she will pick!



Good news and bad news

First the good; I got Miss Natalie converted to G2, Rachel was already a G2 option so she is good to go also. I have not looked into Vikki yet but will this week. See image below, conversion is not perfect but I matched Natalie up to her V4 side by side and its close enough and will allow me to continue her story for sure. That said – Natalie’s playroom with Rachel is officially a WIP !

More good news, the BDSM set is 15 images in with comic text ready to roll. All $10 Patreons will get the PDF with link and password later today. I am working on the room where Erica will be getting used and abused in this set (its not gona be for everyone but I want to test this market out). Once I get the room set up ill post a few images, later this week.

Bad news; Erin is a Genesis figure however the conversion for her head morph is not working L to get her to G2…. I am going to try it on my new system see if tis a computer issue but worst case I can set her up as a Genesis figure (I am not a fan of this base figure at all). More on that later.


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