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Elf with cloths ??

I know cloths why bother, lol…..

Looking for feedback, I still need to work on the clothing textures a bit and dress up the queen with some Jewelry and a septor but the base is set up for the most part

Fae’aria got a new hunter outfit while Nyssia stayed somewhat the same other than a skimpier top – Elfs don’t like lots of clothing it slows them down yea know! Fae’aria also has a new dragon ride and he has reproductive organs.

I have 2 monsters roughed out and will work on clothing and genital props later this week. I have 2 perhaps 3 other antagonists I want to make as I have 5 encounters for these two on their quest in this story not to mention they will be having some fun with each other too. I will post the monsters next weekend then I need to make the settings so prob 2 weeks before rendering really starts.

I travel Mon-Tuesday this week and Erin and Vikki only has 2-3 more renders I have to get done tomorrow and post work etc… not to mention the Patreon commissions that I am multitasking with ATM also! Times a ticking on this month.

Anyway feedback please what do they need, what’s not right when you look them over here.



Fae’aria and Nyssia in DAZ

The 3 Elves are set up in DAZ other than minor tweaks and feedback is welcome, High Elf Queen (middle) along with Fae’aria and Nyssia. I darkened Nyssia hair some and I am not sure about the green makeup on her eyes.

The High Elf is pure Elf, Fae’aria is a half Elf/Human creature and its why she is often chose to do the dirty work. Nyssia (not sure what breed she is) has been a servant to the Queen but recently has developed some magic powers that will the Queen feels will help Fae’aria on a mission.

Fae’aria and Nyssia do not like each other and that makes the mission a bit more interesting 🙂



Fae’aria and Nyssia tease

These two will be featured in an upcoming set with monsters, elf on elf and stuff like that.

Going to move them to DAZ next week and start putting stuff together, I am way over due for an Elf set!



Dun’ragon update and Nyssia

Ok, its time for the weekly-ish update!

Dun’ragon chapter 3; we are halfway through to finishing! We are very sorry for the delay, but we were and still are heavily experimenting with trying to complete multiple sets at the same time, new technologies, new story telling devices and ofcourse, animations. Very few of these experiments were or are successful, lol. And im not gonna lie, we got a little burnt out at one point, so basically there has been one delay after the other, in addition to the standard disagreement over one image or the other, lol

Case in point; this image post here of the Queen’s Herald, (yes it is spelled Herald, not herold, lol) Lady Nyssia Nai’limion, Mistress of the Queen’s Court (for you detail hounds that are keeping track) she finds herself in a certain situation, and has certain feelings about it. We’re keeping it vague for reasons that will be self-evident when the set goes on sale, and you’ll just have to find out why, who, where, what and how then! This image is free to you good fans cuz it will not be in the set, but you may add it to your collection in the meantime! Enjoy!

Continue voting in the poll, please! We had plans to have the star wars; swtor set be next, or possibly the Lauren set, but it looks like red riding hood is what you guys want! Your vote matters, so please take the time, and thanks for that.

Thanks again for your fantastic support!


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