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Miss Natalie and Erin (less their heavy artillery)

This is a request made by a long-term Patreon who serves in the United States Military. Anyone who serves in the armed forces for any country is at risk and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Here is to a quick and safe return to all who are serving their countries.

001_erin_nat 002_erin_nat


Solution to the problem?

Maybe I should do Futa Friday every Friday :-P.

Miss Natalie can’t find Erin (still in Therapy apparently) so her plan for maximum satisfaction with Carina, simple

“put this on Carina”

Did 6 images of these two with Carina in full strap on mode for Patreons 🙂



Rachel’s turn

Well, Natalie has finished with her house keeper while Rachel eagerly awaited her turn, now it’s her turn in Natalie’s play room. So far 33 images in, all $10 + Patreons are getting a link for WIP download now.

I am also done with part 2 of the BDSM set (33iamges) I’ll get that up here tomorrow, well an image or 2 and again $10 folks get early access to that too.



Hors d’oeuvres any one?

I’m multi-tasking at the moment. This is 1 of 2 sets I am rendering the BDSM set I sin part 2 now and im at like 16 images there, its starting to get nasty.

This set is a spinoff of Erin and Vikki – Miss Natalie’s Play Room –

Part 1 intro and set up done 13 images in all, all $10 Patreons will get the WIP once I post work them, give me a day or 2.

In this set, Miss Natalie invites Rachel to her mansion, as a reward to her submissive student she treats Rachel with some play time. Oh, and Miss Natalie’s hose keeper loves anal and has one part in this set beyond getting one of those toys implanted in her ass before they head to the playroom, wonder what one she will pick!


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