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Meet Jack Frost

This Jack Frost likes to make deals with the girls he invites to his place, swallow his cum and he will not use them as sex toys anymore. One issue however, if they swallow his cum they become an ice ornament in his play room! Carina’s got a big challenge here to get out of this bad dream or maybe she is frozen forever?

So I got Carina’s set just about done, lights, monster, props and her. That’s the good news. The bad news is real work is taking a significant amount of time away from this in the month of November and my plan was to get this rendering…. ohhh about a week ago. So far no other renders. So it will get done but not exactly sure when.

Also working on 3 other projects off and on:

1. Succubus (who will also have a human form) seducing an innocent gal that leads to hot interracial sex

2. The Elf and dark orc original image set

3. Erin and Vikki part 2, added 2 twists to this now, I think futa fans will enjoy.

4. Random new models I am rendering here and there, New G2 Elf I like alot.

All of the above will have an image or 2 sent out to Patreon supporters this week, I have 2 now!! For those who missed it I’m giving the Patreon site a shot, really not pushing too hard until animations are doable but I think I have made it worthwhile, the $5 a month pledge gets you all my sets and exclusive content monthly (I am going to try and get it done weekly).

So spread the word for me 🙂 page is here 3Dzen Patreon Page!



Wednesday Halloween Trilogy Set!

Everything is all set for this Wednesday’s Halloween trilogy monster 3DX image set. Total of 82 images, 1 text panel with short intro to each.

Part 1 has the hot Blonde Blood Elf prisoner taking care of her guards, facial cum shot.

Part 2 has Little Red and the deal she makes with a well hung Lycan, this one has 1 mouth full of cum then a facial ending.

Part 3 has Nadia taken to a Gargoyles courtyard and has her ass hosed down with cum.

If you grab the set please let me know what you think, thanks

Current WIP is finishing the Vikki Erin part II, 25 images in so hoping to wrap this up mid-November, goal was 6 sets this year so I should reach that.

Animation this year looks like a no go unless I can get V4 rigged in Maya soon but so much going on it will be tough to pull that off. Could do a simple loop Poser animation but I just do not want to spend the time learning animation in Poser

Also dabbling with 2nd set on new system not sure yet what that one will be stay tuned.



On target for October 22nd

Hey all, the 3 part monster sex Halloween set is 95% done, I am 100% done with renders, need to fix a handful of images and post work a few and it will be done. I will post another one from part 1 by end of the week and then another one from part 3 early next week.

The set if you’re interested in supporting the efforts will be available at the usual suspects, Mongo Bongo, Affect3D and Renderotica stores.

If you recall this is 1 fairly large set, 80 images total, mostly straight to the action, Little Red has a bit of a comic in first 6 images or so, should have something for everyone’s taste (I hope).

In other news:

Finaly got one of my goals crossed off with a MOTD post at Affect3D ! Serena ;)_

Animation school is in week 3, so far it’s been a lot of, workflow and how to plan to animate, sketching and what not. Doing the standard bouncing ball animation for homework this week. It’s got me thinking a lot more before I render, posing and expressions, all good!

I am also learning how to rig in Maya, this is going to be required even to pose stuff in Maya, I’m getting better with that and once I got V4 in Maya rigged ill share a few images with you.

The other learning effort I got going is Standalone Octane; this is long overdue as I have been “winging it” with materials and overall node set up with Octane plug in. I will most likely use the plugin still but will try a few renders stand alone to compare / contrast.

Still no luck with 2nd GPU, got the replacement did the same shit no video after 5-10 min, put that replacement into system stand alone did not work so swapping yet again.

That’s all for now below is a image form the set of Red and BBW getting to know each other better 😉



Imp in the box

This is Nadia with blonde hair and in a more modern setting. Started this as a Halloween set, or part of one, but stopped here and went in an entirely different direction with her including new hair. BUT I may circle back to this and finish it up probably small freebee set, see how time works out.

New System has been rendering nonstop for over a week, knock on wood seems to be right, all be it with only 1 Titan Black GPU in there, the replacement Titan Black GPU will get here Monday that should be interesting, hoping it works so renders can get moving faster. Renders on the system with a rather large set are taking 2-3 hours. I got all the files back off the hard drive failure too, so 20 images of Vikki / Erin part 2 are all intact!

Vikki and Erin are on hold until mid this month as I finish up a set due out Oct 29th, it monsters, monsters and more monsters being October and Halloween. Preview later this week on that set.

Ummm what else,,, Hibbli has been churning out sets like mad all super awesome monster sex go support her! Mongo is also putting out some really cool Spiderman sets, I love the girl in those so much im using her in the next set 🙂

Ah, I started animation school last night, so some day you will see animation from me, I could do something now in fact I have done a few tests, simple loops over and over and over using poser…. Sorta sucks in my opinion. I don’t mind loops but needs to be much more dynamic and believable before I post anything (Stone Sorceress type stuff). Probably looking at early 2015 for that based on learning curve with Maya and animation.

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