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Just a small bite

Jessica and Ellie will be back for Demon Doll House II. Working on getting the apartment ready, using same lay out as last set with much of the action taking place in the home with a short scene back at Demon Vamps “Doll House”. Both girls will need to “give blood” and the mirror portal will be back as always, along with Jessica’s Vampire master who as always will have a lot of fun with hi submissive servant.

The girls will also have their Step dad introduced in this set with Ellie really getting to know him rather well 😉

Going to shoot for some animation on this set as its rendering on the new system so when appropriate ill chill on the static posing and fire up an animation loop!

Anyway, this is a new build for Vampire using G2 (feedback welcome) probably add some tats and scars on him.

I got 6 images done with the next Erin and Vikki installment and I am planning to get the May commission images ($50 pledges) done this weekend.






Oh, almost forgot! Working with a 4 armed creature, with a few tentacles that’s about 10 feet tall playing with 4 girls, working on pose lots of time to get it right once i render ill show yea.


Carina set heating up

Here is a sneak peek on part 2 of the WIP Carina asset, I am 15 images in and this one has a hard stop at 60 so I can get more sets out!

Carina seen here after she had been stalked in the halls of this dungeon, that chair looks a bit uncomfortable :-O

Demon clown Balto has a few tricks up his sleeve this set including being able to clone himself, you know 2 are always better than 1. He also has a rather large beast in a cage that he feeds pretty girls too, seems Carina is next in line (after he has his fun)!

A download link for the first 15 images of this set will be sent out to all $10 + Patreons probably tomorrow AM, I need to post work the set. Also $1 Patreons got a second image of whats going on in the background there 😉

This will not include the comic version that Mad Monk is working on, that will be available when the set is released.



Elf Alessa and Minotaur

New G2 Girl Alessa and New G2 Monster, interested in feedback, her hair I plan to change, it renders nice but the hair loads as a prop and I can’t do much with that in ZBrush. I’ve really been trying to get hair to look “right” by moving strands manually in ZBrush – you know the gravity thing. I think you will notice that in Erin’s set, I just spent 45 minutes moving Kim’s hair strand by strand, looks good but time consuming.

I’m 56 images into Erin’s set, sending promo stuff to Affect 3D in the next day or 2, Feb 22 looks like release date, of course you could become a Patreon of mine and get the set a few days before that and $5 Patreons get all my set… (ok enough selling).

Speaking of Patreon, it seems to be working; I’m closing in on a mile stone I honestly never thought I would hit. It’s given me a renewed motivation to create more and I have been dwelling on an animation. The animation thing has stalled a bit not because I can’t do them, simple ones, but I really wanted to use Maya for animation but getting V4 or G2 in Maya and rigged has proven to be a lot harder than I anticipated. Not giving up just chilled on that effort the past month.

Animation class starts again in March so the quest continues there.

Rubi set is now in ACT 4 of 5, she is having some fun with the shapeshifted cat man now then the final act a full human sex romp will end the set, still targeting March for that set, then its Carina’s turn!

I’m messing around with a Warcraft idea also, early stages, asked my molding pro to try and make a Warsong Gultch room, see how that falls together in a few weeks.

Last but not least, I have 4 committed images to do for Feb, if the Patreons choose to share them I will post them for you also.


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Rubi ACT 3 Done

Rubi’s set is now done through ACT3 currently at 59 images and this one may approach 100 images when done planned release is early March! The final two scenes in this have Rubi getting it on with the transformed Panther then his full human form.

ACT 3 (as were the first two parts of this set) will be available to Patreons pledging $10 or more, the entire set will be available for $5+ Patreons or you will be able to grab it at the vendors as always. That said ACT 3 will not be available in the Vendor released set.

*In order to get download links as a Patreon, Patreons must have made at least 1 successful pledge, too many drive by pledge/download/delete pledge activity 🙁

I am planning to post an image and update on Erin’s set tomorrow also, 33 images into that planned release is Feb 21st.

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