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Practicing Witchcraft

Tomorrow  Patreons get the final image set and comic! On sale at Affect 3D, Renderotica and Mongobongo’s blog next Saturday.

Nineteen year old Gabby decides to try some new spells despite her aunt Maggie’s warnings. When her attempts to conjure a new pet turns terribly wrong. A demon is summonsed who refuses to let Gabby orgasm and threatens to take her to the underworld for an eternity of sex without cumming!

Vaginal, Anal, Double Penetration, Oral, Tit Fucking, Petite, Teen, Multiple Cum shots, Orgasm Denial, Demon, Monster Sex, Fairy, Fantasy



Mini Set

Got this mini set done with the new girl and the minotaur, done in DAZ not Poser. Did 12 images (10 sex 2 non-sex), if I get positive feedback I’ll do 10 more later in the month with a few big cum shots, or try another girl and another monster.

$5+ Patreons got the 12 iamges

Started a new set got the opening set up stuff done this week, 12 images also, it’s a new BDSM kidnapping set as I put the 3 girls / bar one on hold to do a smaller in scope set (1 girl 1 bad guy) I want to see how this genre dose before I spend months on the larger effort one. Post a teaser this weekend, girl looks good J

The old system is going to get a new set going this weekend too.





I absolutely love this artist “Darkway” work,












– he has a distinct style you can pick out amongst the crowd, I was board today so I slapped this together trying, in vane, to recreate the pose somewhat. I could not get the bottom Vamp quite right, and ran out of time 😉 Its the Vampires I will use in the next Jessica set, might start rendering that next weekend, traveling Wed-Fri this week 🙁

I’m at iamge 31 in Erin’s next set, July 11th is release date.



Something different

I posted this for Patreons last week, was going to leave it at that but figured I would get more input. Most seemed to like this one and I may run with a set with this monster or more of him with a bunch of elf’s. 2-4. Let me know what you think .

Been getting some stuff done with Patreon images and with the new Erin Vikki set (teaser incoming today) 23 iamges in and I got a June 23rd dead line, thats gona be a tough date to keep with real work travel but im gona see how far i get this week with rendering. I need to get 50+ to list it.


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