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Mini Set

Got this mini set done with the new girl and the minotaur, done in DAZ not Poser. Did 12 images (10 sex 2 non-sex), if I get positive feedback I’ll do 10 more later in the month with a few big cum shots, or try another girl and another monster.

$5+ Patreons got the 12 iamges

Started a new set got the opening set up stuff done this week, 12 images also, it’s a new BDSM kidnapping set as I put the 3 girls / bar one on hold to do a smaller in scope set (1 girl 1 bad guy) I want to see how this genre dose before I spend months on the larger effort one. Post a teaser this weekend, girl looks good J

The old system is going to get a new set going this weekend too.


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