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Blind Date?

Or blindfold on her (kinky)? I would be ok turning into stone for the chance to bang her, you?

I love the Medusa story and over all a fan for mythology and this character has been in my inventory for a while and wanted to work her into a set but have not had the opportunity or effort but that may change soon. This is another random pose I grabbed and worked with to try and match it, I am trying to get the poses more natural (advice from Epoch)

Ok, news, I am working on a 15 image commission part two of the Jessica / Vampire set I did a few months back, before I start however I am trying to change textures in the bed room props in 3DS MAX,  :-O this is a first for me both MAX and creating my own textures, it needs to be learned to get the images to the next level.

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Victoria 4.2 Base

V4 Elite Texture: Lana

Medusa – V4

Ancient Prophecies

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