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Monster Trilogy October 22nd

Been rendering on both systems, this Halloween set therefor updates have been limited. Below are 3 teasers from the monster sex set I’m working on  (after all its October we need monsters).  A 3DX set with 3 mini sets in them 60-70 total iamges 20-25 in each part. Very little text and mostly sex image, although I plan to add some comic dialogue to the Red set up. This is scheduled to release October 22nd.

First Nadia, with her newest hair style, is taken or chosen by a Gargoyle as a sexual sacrifice to um yea get fucked hard by the well-built monster. Nadia is a Genesis 2 characters and I’m really learning some good stuff to be able to use them more in future sets.

Second part is our Elf if you recall her faction lost a battle against these bark Orcs and they and their way with her, rather than meet the fate of her other elf sisters they take her as a sex slave and the prison guards have their way with her, she does what she has to survive perhaps waiting for an escape opportunity?

Third, Little Red but not your typical Little Red, this story finds her negotiating with the Wolf who has been fucking her grandmother, she is a bit jealous. I think she needed to be careful about what she wished for because when this Lycan is free after agreeing to Reds terms his lust may be too much for Little Red to handle.


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