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Morning ride for Lauren

Lauren really needs a set, poor girl is so lonely she has to resort to large toys to keep herself satisfied, we have to get this girl some attention she is after all the most promiscuous girl on this blog  🙂

I’m taking images off the net and trying to copy them so I can get more realistic poses, this one I used an FTV girl riding a dildo (I cant find it now of course), yea anyway, between ZBrush and MAX Tutorials its whats going on, hope you like. Please, if you see flaws, even small minor ones please comment and let me know – thanks

I haven’t posted credits in a while but I will start that again as a general part of workflow. Now off to learning how to make materials for props and stuff….

Vote and stuff, please 😉









Victoria 4.2 Base


Reby Sky Elite Hair

Classic Deco

Lali’s Bits

Satanica the Real M3 Gens (The Toy)

Renderd in Octane 1.2

Support 3DZen
HTML Online Editor Sample

Mongo Bongo



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