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Catching up on the four $50 Patreon commissions this weekend, 1 more to go. This is one of 5 different angles of Kimi (I added in the topless shot), her lower half has quite a bit of goo between her legs and ass cheeks.

I am not sure where the Patreon is taking this but one thing for sure Kimi seems to get used quite a bit in this club. I have two other commissions done like this one and I’m fairly certain all 4 will be visible to Patreons before end of month, it’s up to them if they choose to share.

So rubi’s set gets full attention now starting tomorrow, I got 3 weeks to finish that up.

Anyone play Warcraft? I have a Warsong Gultch room done that may be used for some capture the flag / hard sex between Elfs and Orcs/Taurens and other factions of the Hrode, going to test render the room today.

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Return of Kimi!

Hi all,

You all remember Kimi, or maybe not:

Original legacy set is here

if interested:

Anyway, one of my $50 Patrons wanted her rendered; we posed her up and rendered her. Single pose 4 different angles. One image stands out more than other but that’s the beauty of rendering from diff angles. It’s also fun getting ideas form others so im liking this $50 pledge – I do an exclusive image etc…

So I got 3 of 4 of the monthly images I am doing and 2 of the Patreons are ok sharing on Patreon, so all $1 + supports got those and the link above for the older set with Kimi.



Halloween rating winner, Kimi

Last month I posted 4 random Halloween theamed images and asked for votes (thank you all who voted) and the one that had the highest rating would get some attention with a 20 image 3D set free-bee.



The results are in:


Haloween and Stuff 4.76
Wishingwell or a trap 4.7
Day 1 4.4 Rating
Happy Halloween (Frankenstine) 4.35 rating

Our winner (Kimi) and perhaps a regular going forward as I do like her look. Changed the setting and also tried a new skin set up for monster in Octane, more a daemon than a vampire or perhaps a daemon vampire, you decide. This one is more forceful then the others as Kimi is left as a sacrifice to a very horny daemon who unloads in her pussy, ass, mouth and then all over her, leaving her one sticky mess.

*One note: I was going to make an iamge showing his long nails retracting and stuff but i ran out of timei and energy so, yea he can do that and stuff.

Also a reminder, If you can please visit Mongo’s site or Affetc3D site and buy the last set I did (and all their other 3DX iamge sets, they are increadbly well done). This,  so I can get a new video card! Faster renders = more free-bee sets I promise.  So far sales have been mehhh…. 🙁

Watched about 10 hours of video training on Cinema 4D and VRay this weekend. Why?,,,, well when I started 3D rendering, some of motivation stemed from images Hitman had put up and he used these tools to create those renders. I have no idea if I will ever render a set using them but I am going to at least try and get a character into C4D and render it, I will post it here, I’m thinking January to get to that point but not sure.

I think it’s time to see what type of Nightmares Carina is having

Downlaod here, add to your cart, check out and downlaod instantly: 21 iamges Deamon Toy Kimi

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