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Final Kimberly look and update on progress

This is what we are going with for Kimberly’s look and this is production render (#12) for the set. She plays a significant role in this set, so thoughts and comments welcome.

I’m 3 images into ACT 3 of Rubi set (38 iamges in all) should have an iamge for you on that front in a day or two. Erin set is 12 images done (ACT 1) and now the action starts 😉  going to put a full court press on both these sets this week. Hoping by weekend to be into the 20s for Erin set and close to done with ACT 3 on Rubi set. Feb for both sets is my own dead line.




New and improved Kimberly

So this is a real simple image for the title page on the Erin set I am working with a Pateron with (Vervalsen), if you recall Kimberly was in Jessica 2 as Jessica’s best buddy and who originally set Jessica up to go into the mention in part 1. Well a year later and Kimberly is looking quite lovely so much so I am sure you will see her in upcoming sets, Ellie and Jessica may have to have her visit those vampire demons as pay back :-O

So, update on other stuff. ACT II of the Rubi set is done and Didi is giving the set a QA look, once she is done then both ACT I and II will be available for $10 Patrons probably tomorrow, you will get a nice image form ACT II here as a teaser too!

And Erin, well im done with 1-10 images, basically the opener of the set, just need to post work it get the OK from Vervalsen then we will post Erin and her University student Dr that she is in the opening scene with. Give me a week or 2 and both these sets should be rocking some nice sex shots. I am fairly confident both sets will be available by mid Feb. I have also committed to finishing/starting the Jack Frost Carina set after these 2 are done (talking Didi into helping me with that too), so Carina will be having some Icy fun with that monster 🙂


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