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A high quality large image set depicting the story of two sisters (Kari and Zoey) needing a job and answer an ad for molding. The set has 4 different settings starting out at the girls apartment, moving to a photo shoot, then to an upscale slave training facility and finally Zoey is taken to her first “job” as a new part of Jeff and Jonathan’s stable.

In total it’s a 200 image set story, largest single set I have done….

On sale at my store over at Rend Erotica exclusively shortly or  for Patreon’s 







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Shades of Darkness II finished

I just finished Shades of Darkness II: Kari and Zoey, it’s a non-consensual 197 image set that will be on sale at Rend Erotica in the next few days.

It’s a story about two sisters desperate for money to pay the rent and answer an ad for models paying a large amount of money.

It does not go well for them….

Patreons get the set at $5 pledge level tomorrow

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Reboot SoD Vol 2

Hi all, well after 20 something images decided I was not happy with Shades of Darkness Vol 2: Kari and Zoey, 10 images went to Patreons today.

So, the past 2 days I rebooted it and got the opening scene done. I am using G2 not G3 and a new apartment that fits more with college students I feel. Anyway here are the 2 new models, let me know what you think.

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