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Judith wins the battle

I am traveling for a week starting tomorrow so 3D renders will be on hold. I took a break from the Ja’linn / Aria set to create this new Elf (Judith) that will deserve a more appropriate XXX image set  😉  but hey, the girls have to win sometimes right? Also new props used: The ruins, The Forest, Her Armor, Monster and Judith.

Judith has been told of an ancient ruins site deep in the dark forest that pure blood elf’s would commune tremendous sources of power many centuries ago. Judith gathered enough inner strength to set out on a quest to find this place and when she found it she was drawn to a dormant orb, as she approached it the orb began to glow, it seemed to posses her and she began to commune with it. The power she felt running through her body was incredible. Suddenly with out warning she was grabbed by a creature who had its own ideas on what to do with this intruder, it tore her top and bottom armor off and was about to thrust its large dick into our petite elf who was no match for its strength, no doubt this creature would tare her apart, most likely kill her for its pleasure. Before the monster had a chance to penetrate her, Judith felt a surge of power release into her from the orb and in one motion turned and emitted a blast of energy that killed the monster. The orb never powered on again but something was different about Judith from that day on.

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