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Quick Test Render

Working on commision set 3 with Jessica and you know when Jessica is involved so are monsters, this set will continue where the last set left off. Jessica in her bedroom, still has that big mirror the vampire walked through to get to her last time (maybe she forgot all about that?), as usual she likes to admire her perfect ass before bed time, teasing the boys all day leaves her a bit worked up I suppose.

If you haven’t seen part 1 or 2 before you can check them out at Mongo / Miro site and this set will be in the 50-60 image range again, so maybe late June Jessica III will be released J

In the mean time I will get some more random images up here, seems the 3 monsters needs a set and Dunragon needs to be finished, I need more time and faster PC ! Krozam has a cool idea we are starting the round work too!

Travel is still a challenge lately, taking up lots of time so renders are a bit slow, after next week it should die down and allow me to focus and get more images out for you and finish sets in a more reasonable time, my goal i s1 a month bu tPC / Video card power and free non real work time are the challenge at the moment, thanks all


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