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Jessica and Ellie set started

Started rendering the current work in progress with Jessica and her step sister Ellie meeting up with a few daemons. Ill try and get an image done for the 4th got a few ideas and props that might work, if i got time.



Winners of contest and cast teaser

Hi all,

This is most of the cast for the “Jessica: Reflections” set that is the current work in progress, the third installment of Jessica and her controlling Vampire Daemon. This time Elli her older sister is introduced to two daemon minions, for now use your imagination as to what they do to her. She has a few unique traits from that of our lovely Jessica.

I’m in a bit on a conundrum at the moment, Octane 2.0 is out but I can’t get that until the 1st of July next week. There are some great changes that will affect images; hair for example will look much better, displacement maps for skin bumps / veins etc… now supported. So really, continuing the production set until I get my hands on that version won’t make sense. So I may put up some random images the next few days for your enjoyment.

OK the winners!
Prize #1 Lazy Fuck Shoot me an e-mail and I will send you a free copy of the 92 image set releasing tomorrow!
Prize #2 Cosmic Shoot me an e-mail and give me your image details and ill render it and send to you.

I plan to do this type of contest every set I release, it really helped me seeing the posts and interaction on the blog.



Bio page and original Jessica Part I

A few of you asked where or how to get the first Jessica set. The set was done about a year and a half ago when I was just starting to learn 3DX/Poser and was not using Octane, ZBrush, Real Flow etc… cut me some slack on the image quality feedback  😉 they are still good just alot could have been done had I been able to use some of the new tools i got now.

The commissioner (Eric) who requested this set also was the driver to get the second set done that was a lot bigger than part 1 and we are now as you can tell by the posts the past few weeks starting to get set 3 done that will be 50-60 images in size too.

You can down load Jessica Part I (35 meg) file set if you like: HERE

It has images without comic / text on them and also images with comic text on them courtesy of MadMonk who is back in business after a several month battle with an injury he was dealing with.

We are working on getting the story right and plan to release set 1 again with more context and story aspects as well as use the new tools I have. In a few months we should have Part 1 – 3 all flow together well with the story and images.

Please have a look at her new Bio page now posted too!





Meet Jessica’s sister Ellie

Another 3 day trip this week put me behind a bit but on my way out the door I kicked off this render, part of the Jessica III set.

Jessica has that pouty look on her face because her step sister Ellie (Elizabeth) has found her trying on her new shoes in her room! Ellie was mentioned briefly in Jessica’s first set (I will post that for download shortly) but in part II you will really get to know her. Real quick intro, she loves Jessica but can be a utter bitch as a big sister, like in this pick when she gets bent out of shape of the shoes, and even better she loves sex. Unlike Jessica who in the real world is still a virgin Ellie tends to crave sexual attention and even brag about it to Jessica.

Ellie plays a big role in Jessica III 😉

Im looking at a new system, one that I can dedicate to renders, more powerful etc,,, while using this one for more random things and tests or even smaller blog sets for feedback / voting. It’s hard to keep focused on big sets and keep the blog supper active like I want, you know to post 4 images on posts like this Vs 1 😉

Ill keep you in the loop on that or you will see it here.

Also thank you to all of you that can and do buy the sets, it helps a lot to get content and even to help make decisions on new hardware etc… The time I put into the sets and what I make in profits is pretty low but everything helps 😉


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