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Legacy Jessica?

Ok, I need to ask for feedback on this. Below are the cast I had put together for Jessica Daemon Doll House 2, however between then and now I have not used Poser at all. I can’t stand the program and its utter inflexibility with content and the lag fest I get trying to use DSON for the higher res models supported natively by DAZ3d e.g this vamp and the step dad = G2 Male.

Jessica is a V4 only charter, unlike Rachel and Natalie who had Genesis versions and converted simple to G2 and look good. Going V4- Genesis – G2 I have had no luck.

So,,, I could just use Poser for this set, as a legacy hold over to keep Jessica and Ellie as is. Or I can try and get a model (see post from yesterday) that’s close but will obviously be a change.

On a positive note – the Octane plug in for Poser is FAR superior to the DAZ plug in so not all bad using Poser.

Need feed back please!



New Jessica Look?

Jessica’s vampire/monster story will continue however I am going to move her to a G2 character, this is a first crack at it. I could use her old hair but I think it’s time she updated her hair to a new style anyway. This hair may be too much to work with but it’s nice – new one just released. Thoughts on her look? Big images below including a backside view.

So tell me what you think. I have some cycles while I wait to see if the Natalie / Rachel set can be recovered, it was supposed to be done this weekend but the hard drive issues I ran into have put it on hold for a week now. So I am now in limbo on that one. Erica’s set continues I’m at 52 images and it seems that this one may be closer to 75+

Patreon Commission swill be done including some I owe from last month.

Impaling commission is almost done just making a new fluid simulation



Just a small bite

Jessica and Ellie will be back for Demon Doll House II. Working on getting the apartment ready, using same lay out as last set with much of the action taking place in the home with a short scene back at Demon Vamps “Doll House”. Both girls will need to “give blood” and the mirror portal will be back as always, along with Jessica’s Vampire master who as always will have a lot of fun with hi submissive servant.

The girls will also have their Step dad introduced in this set with Ellie really getting to know him rather well 😉

Going to shoot for some animation on this set as its rendering on the new system so when appropriate ill chill on the static posing and fire up an animation loop!

Anyway, this is a new build for Vampire using G2 (feedback welcome) probably add some tats and scars on him.

I got 6 images done with the next Erin and Vikki installment and I am planning to get the May commission images ($50 pledges) done this weekend.






Oh, almost forgot! Working with a 4 armed creature, with a few tentacles that’s about 10 feet tall playing with 4 girls, working on pose lots of time to get it right once i render ill show yea.


3DX image set avaialbe tomorrow!

Hi all, tomorrow Saturday Aug 23rd Jessica and Ellie: Demon Doll House will be available at Affect3D, Mongo Bongo and Renderotica. If you can please support the efforts, much appreciated!

The 3DX image set has 82 images in 1920×1080 high resolutions. For sex, Oral, Anal, DP, Voyeur, submissive, lite restraint, 4 different cum shots spread out in the set, monster sex, vampire … you get the idea.

Some images below couple not shown in the past one I have but shows Jessica with her original hair I went back to.

As for Harley, I do plan to do some superhero stuff, she is a character I like and will be part of some stuff, I will make some adjustments as I do will post her here for you to comment on.

I plan to get Connoisseur’s commission done soon, just needed to decompress form 6 weeks of rendering

I have the cast for next set nearly done ill post that for a day or 2 of feedback before I start rendering it.

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