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Elfs lost this battle

Hi all, been wanting to render this character for a while. She has been rendered by others like hitman and fullytanked and makes quite a nice Elf. Not sure what monsters we have here, a few random morphs and a combo of several I had. May expand on this as I like her and I like these creatures too

I’m 10 images into the current set, planning on 60-70 and things should pick up now. I spent a lot of time playing around with textures and props for the classroom and finally think I got something decent for the set.

System update, they tell me the PCI slots had damage, from shipping perhaps? I don’t buy that its the root of the random shutdowns, we shall see. I am hoping to get the system back before the last week of Sept. When I do I need to get the contest winner I owe done and start on the next set.

Been in Maya tutorials daily, 2-6 hours the past few weeks. I’m getting close and may get the Octane plug in soon and test render a few things. I’m hopeful to learn that well enough to leverage it for animation, I can’t take much more of Poser mostly the lag I get when I’m posing with lots of characters and props in the scene its idiotic how poor the application responds on a system that’s quite powerful, CPU, RAM, Video etc…


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