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European Nightmare

This is 1 of 2 WIP I am going to tackle over the next 6-8 weeks.

I’m going to work on a set subject matter I’ve not done in the past. Prior to doing the Erin Vikki part 1 I had never thought of doing futa (Eric a blog poster here inspired it). Now that I have done some I am sure I will continue to do sets.

That being said hardcore non-censual content is an area I want to explore. So I have started and the image set will be based off a story by Joshua Jones called European Nightmare. He has already written parts 1-6. I plan to do part 1 as close to his story as I can and see how it goes over both on feedback and sales. The set will have: BDSM, Cruelty, Female / Girl, Hardcore, Male / Female Teens, Rape, Torture, Toys. Not for everyone for sure but diversity for me is important and I’ve not gone here yet.

The challenge im going to have with this is the number of actors, 3 victims and antagonists, 6 figures in one set with props and stuff may not fly so I may have to just do 3-4 at a time in a image. Im going to try and do part 1 to the story in MAX 60 images and hoping late August to be close to done or done.

Here are the 3 girls involved in the set, Joshua has looked them over and they got a thumbs up for the three girls in his story, from left to right:

Olivia age 18, a relatively small girl, just a shade over 5 foot, but her lack of height does not make her any less. With a face that could go from innocent to sexy in the blink of an eye, a mouth that always looked like it would break into a broad smile. She knew she was attractive, and often used it to her advantage to get what she wanted off boys, earning her the reputation as a bit of a tease. However, she did enjoy sex, although she would keep her private life discreet and very few people knew what she got up to

Lucy age 18, is 5’10 and much different to Olivia in almost every conceivable way, from her height to her looks to her personality. Her long black hair was worn in a ponytail, showing off her high cheekbones, her piercing green eyes and her inviting blowjob lips. Whereas Olivia had the face of a cheeky, though gorgeous, girl next door, Lucy’s model good looks were much harsher, and gave her an air of superiority that she liked to play up to. She was well known for fucking a lot of people, although they were usually older men who had little in common with the teenagers

Holly age 18, with her angelic innocent face and her short-ish brown hair, could easily have passed for a girl three or four years younger. However, one glance at her chest showed anyone looking that she was a woman. Even on her 5’7 frame, her Fs looked huge, perfectly symmetrical and without a hint of sag, they were every teenage boys dream. However, Holly did anything but show them off. Wearing sweatshirts and loose fitting clothing she hoped to hide her considerable assets, but this didn’t help avoid the leer of everyone. Given her large bust she knew she had to work hard to keep her figure, and playing in the same hockey team as Olivia as well as spending time in the gym gave Holly a beautiful hourglass figure, making her desire to cover up all the more infuriating.


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