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Miss Natalie and Erin (less their heavy artillery)

This is a request made by a long-term Patreon who serves in the United States Military. Anyone who serves in the armed forces for any country is at risk and my thoughts and prayers are with them.

Here is to a quick and safe return to all who are serving their countries.

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Erin and Vikki VI:Therapy (teasers)

Below are some teaser images from “Erin and Vikki VI:Therapy”


The short version is Dr Carlson,  in charge of delivering therapy to over sexed girls, to “help them” control them self, has her male nurse Jeffry helping here and a volunteer student also assisting in today’s session. Much more detail to come on whats going on here.

Planned release 100+ images for this set is March 26th, a friendly reminder $5 Patreons get these sets if you can please consider supporting me there

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Erin and Vikki 06 WIP

Turns out Dr Carlson has some unique therapy to help Erin control herself, her assistant (Male Nurse) Johnathan has brought in a “voulenteer student” Valerie to help with this session. Vikki and Erin have been separated until they have completed phase one of Therapy.

25 images into this set, released end of March, $10+ Patreons get the WIP set this week for review 🙂

And yes I know, non futa images incoming this week 😉 I am in different phases of 3 sets ATM 2 are non futa 😉



Erin and Sonya

Erin sure is getting around these days, first Fae’aria last month in a Patreon commission and now Sonya this month, not to mention she has a set in the works! If you can please follow me over at tumblr – almost to 500!

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