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Ellie and update

This image failed me and is not in the production set, thought id share it with blog followers.

I don’t know why polls wont work, i set them up and they work sometimes and don t others. oh well. Jessica / Ellie set is 17% done, target 80 images give or take a few.

Happy weekend!




Elli’s new tail

Ok, poster mentioned Ellie’s hair, form original test renders and I happened to agree with the ponytail idea so here she is sporting her new ponytail. What da ya think? (of the hair not the tits!) Looks like a good place for a daemon to grab a hold of?

So, I have made progress even though I have not made progress lol, I’ve been doing  a lot of testing with lighting for Octane and indoors, using Mesh lights and IES filters and playing with settings and stuff… In doing so I have taken about 6 renders and re done them about 6 times J net net when it’s done it should look pretty good…

Between renders I’ve been watching tons of Zbrush tutorials and started looking again at Cinema 4D, something I need to learn if I’m going to take this up a notch so learn I must!



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