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3DX image set avaialbe tomorrow!

Hi all, tomorrow Saturday Aug 23rd Jessica and Ellie: Demon Doll House will be available at Affect3D, Mongo Bongo and Renderotica. If you can please support the efforts, much appreciated!

The 3DX image set has 82 images in 1920×1080 high resolutions. For sex, Oral, Anal, DP, Voyeur, submissive, lite restraint, 4 different cum shots spread out in the set, monster sex, vampire … you get the idea.

Some images below couple not shown in the past one I have but shows Jessica with her original hair I went back to.

As for Harley, I do plan to do some superhero stuff, she is a character I like and will be part of some stuff, I will make some adjustments as I do will post her here for you to comment on.

I plan to get Connoisseur’s commission done soon, just needed to decompress form 6 weeks of rendering

I have the cast for next set nearly done ill post that for a day or 2 of feedback before I start rendering it.

Don’t forget add me to your Twitter account if you can – @3Dzen

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Update 82% done

Slow progress this week and got QA feedback on first 52 iamges (target is 65’ish) from Mongo, Affect3D and Renderotica. I am using this week for cleaning up things like the background and lighting that requires re-rendering of quite a few iamges.  Working on the backdrop to the dimension the girls are are in during their sex romp with the demons and this is a test/WIP on the new backdrop – still tweaking it, feedback welcome.

New system ships next Monday, hoping to get it by end of next week, if i do ill post a bunch testing out the performance 🙂 and then start the next set while i finish up this one!

Still need 5 comments/votes for contest on previous post 😉




Ellie’s Bio

Ellie is going to get some of her own sets down the road and she now has a bio page (both full size pictures that made the below pic are on her bio page if interested), I’m slowly getting bios back up the old blog had a bunch

All Bio pages are accessed via the button links at the top of page

And with the upcoming release of Jessica/Ellie set I think it’s time for another contest. Same rules as last time vote on this post and then comment with what number vote you were, I’m going to stop the voting at 25. If you double post you are DQ’ed

First Prize – Copy of Jessica III: Demon’s Doll House
Second Prize –Any model I have rendered in the past choose a partner and give me a pose to create for you, total 2 characters. Names on right side of the blog to click and check out if you need



70% completed with curent WIP

In the last couple sets with Jessica and her encounters with Dominus (demon vampire) he has always visited her, this time Jessica and her sister are brought through a gateway portal to his surreal dimension, his demon doll house if you will. After mocking Jessica and even going so far as suggesting if guys aren’t he thing perhaps she can help, Ellie is certain to have a different outlook on this after getting reamed by 2 demons for hours on end. Only time will tell how she feels after this ordeal is over (or will it end for them?) Ellie is doing quite well in her 3DX debut!

Set is at 45 iamges, target is 65-70, I have taking a lot of feedback into consideration that i got via e-mail after the release of the last set. You will see more POV  shots than before, for the first time there will be several PIC-PIC images and also more close up penetration shots. Last but not least eliminated many non sex transition iamges and really focused on the girls in action. August 23rd release date!

This image is not part of the production set, i made several adjustments to the posing of both girls for the production shot.



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