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Moving right along….

Im going to take the plunge into DAZ. This is going to be the main character in my next set, I am going to do a HARD stop at 50 images, I think comic or at least some dialogue and based on feedback make a decision if we continue to next chapter.

This is going to allow me to do a few things.

  1. Move to DAZ
  2. Do some real character development
  3. Perhaps set up a decent long running story where this character gets into all sorts of sexual situations, everything!

Im open to a name for her, my current idea is she is a super bad ass rouge elf who for the most part can take care of herself, like a Lara Croft but Elf type. That said in her world there are lots of things that get her to use or in some cases is forced to use her sexuality to get what she wants/needs or get out of jams.



Something different

I posted this for Patreons last week, was going to leave it at that but figured I would get more input. Most seemed to like this one and I may run with a set with this monster or more of him with a bunch of elf’s. 2-4. Let me know what you think .

Been getting some stuff done with Patreon images and with the new Erin Vikki set (teaser incoming today) 23 iamges in and I got a June 23rd dead line, thats gona be a tough date to keep with real work travel but im gona see how far i get this week with rendering. I need to get 50+ to list it.



Rubi Set Done

Hi all The Rubi set is done. It is a lot more images than Didi and I anticipated but well it’s done. Patreon $5 + got the entire set today, Affect3d and Mongo releasing it soon.

Next few sets I am going to make a bit more edgy / dark 🙂 , but first going to take a few days off from rendering and catch my breath the 2 sets at once was a real drain on me but we got 2 sets out prior to April.

I am putting in a lot of effort learning DAZ3d the past week, I have rendered some images using DAZ and Octane and now I am trying to get the privet parts right. A lot less lag in DAZ when posing and a lot more options for monsters, males and even rooms/settings. Poser is killing me with the lag it has.

I may try a quick mini set in DAZ and post see what you guys think.

Here are some images form the Rubi set, an image from each ACT in the story, enjoy……. and thank you for visiting the blog.



Next sets

Well, I am going to multi task again. I have had requests for Carina and request for Toys in the Atic or something like that again. So Monk has agreed to do the comic and I will render out another image set with our bondage freaky clown demon and his play thing Carina. More details to follow but I may start rendering production images as soon as tomorrow.

I changed Carina hair, as much as I liked the other hair it quality was shit, so she has grown her hair a bit longer and has one long pony tail, should be put to good use in the set.

The other set I am working on will be the Elf below (raw render still working on stuff) encountering several well hung monsters, not sure what yet, Torren Bulls, Orcs Miantours, something of the like, still hashing out the story ATM but the setting / room and she is pretty much done.

Rubi set is almost done I took the weekend off from it too much other stuff going on but only the ending left and will be ready to go .

Thoughts? Comments? Blog activity seems dead lately no matter how much I post :-/







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