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Elf meets doom

Hi all,

This is a commission I did. It’s an impaling of this Elf, it’s bloody and with a 4 image still animation. The 3 other images for this are available for $5 Patreons only and the commissioner of this. Not for the faint at hart and not for everyone for sure.




Impending doom

Doing a side commission for someone, offering to share final images for Patreons only, if they wish to see, its going to be messy and wont post here. I am building the room she is in now and then rendering a few still images, yes she will get impaled. If you’re not into that no worries I am only offering to those who wish to see.

Posted a simple turn table 10 sec animation for Patreons with the camera circling her for the commission person to review the model etc…

My plan I send of September to get back to Jessica / Vampire set try and get that done for Halloween. I have a new model for Jessica to use DAZ I will post some images of her soon for feedback.



This is going to be a 10 image (give or take a few) set for Patreon $5+ only. Mostly sex images.

After asking for feedback, monster sex was most wanted. The girl is a petite warrior forest girl (non elf) she has small perky tits, figured gota give little titties some love too!

I plan to render 2-4 a day based on real work load, render times (this is on old system slow……..) The plan is to have this to you on or before this weekend J Other than an image or 2 its all for Patreon only

If you all like how this goes we can expand it to his cave (cage) or and/or have him go find another hottie for his collection, my only issue is he is pretty used up, so I may take his head and use that on a more human body but make him a bit different. We shall see……

I put the 3 girls in bar on hold and started up a second BDSM kidnapping scenario with only 2 actors, previews of the initial encounter should be ready this week, I did this to learn posing and props while keeping things somewhat simple to get stuff done, for the larger set that I will get going on in a few weeks once this smaller set is done.



Out with the old

In with the new!

So Poser is dead in my eyes, I am only rendering in DAZ the past few weeks.

That said along with Poser V4 is gone too, I plan to convert Erin/Vikki/Fearia/Jessica…. to Genesis 2 figures so we can keep their stories moving. That said,  enter the new girls (Erica on the left and Eliza on right) *names subject to change. Some tweaking of the hair is still in order for these two also.

I want to make a small 5-10 image set with one or both of these girls. And would like you to post your ideas here, limited to the following:

  1. Monster sex (Orc/troll/goblin/something non-human)
  2. Sci-Fi Space Elf shots with alien creatures
  3. Futa (always need futa as an option right?) could make them human and be the next futa stars.
  4. Horse or other animals, wild boars, dogs, panthers…
  5. Insects / bugs

I’m gona give you a few days to respond then make a short sex only 5-10 image set Post here or feel free to e-mail me If you don’t wish your ideas be public.


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