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Initial set up of Tara and the opening scene, forest clearing 🙂 time to pose and render 🙂 big image link over at Patreon for all to check out also HERE



Faelwen and the Beat (WIP)

Below 3 teasers of this work in progress, rendered in 4k image resolution :-O

Ther are 41 images done 25-30 more to go so about 60% done.

001b 008b 029b


Faelwen WIP

Working on 2 Patreon commissioned sets, this is a teaser of Faelwen the beautiful elven princess. 
Her story is quite unique and it has been render before  by Mongo Bongo and others. Panp3 is the writer who contacted me like 10 years ago (exageration) but yea its been a while as some of you can relate to my slow turnaround time :-/
Some Patreons will get the WIP tomorrow,  4k resolution now (double what I used to do)  Set completed before Nov 22nd.

Fyre moved to G2

My longest $50 Patreon commission and his his OC bib boobed elf super heroine Fyre has been stuck in Poser / V4 purgatory since last August.

It hurt me mentally to work with her in Poser and her V4 model after working with G2 and now G3. It compares to cutting grass with scissors Vs a ride on mower, results were ok but getting there for me was mehhh. So I fell behind on his commissions while I kept at this conversion.

That said, I think I got her done! This is Fyre as G2 model and her face is spot on, minor body tweaks may be needed but at the very least I can open DAZ and even move her to Vray in the near future.

And, to give credit where credit is due I would not get her converted with out the help of Morfium, the guy sis one of the smartest 3D people I have met and he is more than helpful with stuff like this and helping with C4D and Vray and Xparticles…. he is awesome give him a look on Patreon 🙂

Big Images Beta Version 1.0 of Fyre G2:

Fyre_G2_001 Fyre_G2_002 Fyre_G2_003 Fyre_G2_004


Search the blog for Fyre for her older V4/Poser Images:


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