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The opening for DR 4 is done, 20 images total will be about 60 or so when done. This is the first part of 4 or 5 image sets that will tell this story.

Fae’aria and Nyssia will have a small part at the end but I am setting up the beginning to show why they interrogate an Orc and then go off on a quest to stop this “bad” Elf. This is Tahrain she will be Fae’aria nemesis in this story.

All $10 + Patreons will get these first 20 images and I would love feedback on what needs changing or fixing from you!

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Dun’ragon update and Nyssia

Ok, its time for the weekly-ish update!

Dun’ragon chapter 3; we are halfway through to finishing! We are very sorry for the delay, but we were and still are heavily experimenting with trying to complete multiple sets at the same time, new technologies, new story telling devices and ofcourse, animations. Very few of these experiments were or are successful, lol. And im not gonna lie, we got a little burnt out at one point, so basically there has been one delay after the other, in addition to the standard disagreement over one image or the other, lol

Case in point; this image post here of the Queen’s Herald, (yes it is spelled Herald, not herold, lol) Lady Nyssia Nai’limion, Mistress of the Queen’s Court (for you detail hounds that are keeping track) she finds herself in a certain situation, and has certain feelings about it. We’re keeping it vague for reasons that will be self-evident when the set goes on sale, and you’ll just have to find out why, who, where, what and how then! This image is free to you good fans cuz it will not be in the set, but you may add it to your collection in the meantime! Enjoy!

Continue voting in the poll, please! We had plans to have the star wars; swtor set be next, or possibly the Lauren set, but it looks like red riding hood is what you guys want! Your vote matters, so please take the time, and thanks for that.

Thanks again for your fantastic support!



Over due update and fucking rant

Hi all, I do not like waiting so long to do a post, my goal is to update weekly with some eye candy for you, that said I will get you a few new iamges this weekend to look at in different settings. Why 2 weeks you ask, well I have spent some time trying to figure out the issue with this iamge (see abdomen area – skin effect missing?). At first I thought it was me, then I thought it was the skin texture, then I blamed Poser and then Octane, after asking several other artist using same tools with no luck I poseted on Octane forums to assist.

This mind you after 5 days of WTF is going on here.

The Octane forums sugested it may be morph data causing the mesh to warp in an unnatural manner, so another day of loading each morph one by one on a new V4 figure……..

It turns out its the pose, Aparently this pose Fs up the mesh or maybe a combo of this pose + other stuff i sue,  in the abdomen area, see how there is no wet / shiney skin look in that spot – rather obvious and shitty.

Anyway, this image is not in the Dunragon set – but a simialr hand made pose will be with the skin looking appropriate on allb body parts.

Back to working on the 3D iamge set now, as mentioend I will take a day and render you some eye candy before next week, the blog needs it 🙂





Queen Izora and Red

Chapter 3 of the Chronicles of Dun’ragon is moving right along. We have added a small treat in the ongoing story for all the fans that have let us know just how much they liked our sneak peek of Queen Izora awhile back. And here is another sneak peek to keep the Queen’s fans enticed.

We have read a lot of comments and gotten several emails asking us where to find Chapter 2. I can only surmise those misguided fans simply haven’t read the story part of the set! Lol. Otherwise they would have known that we included Chapter 2 with Chapter 1. You should find the title sheet for Chapter 2 about halfway through the first set. So while this is the second standalone set for Dun’ragon, it is indeed Chapter 3.

So enjoy this image and lease let us know what you think of the images for Chapter 3 so far! Also feel free to tell us any of your thoughts regarding the storylines from Chapter 1 and 2 and where your particular interest was in seeing more! And of course comment below as to who your favorite characters are! We are dying to know!







Also lesson learned, one project at a time, so Red is on hold for now. I rendered about five images of her and her story, here is another teaser for you :0) this 3DX image set will be done at a later date.



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