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Contest winners iamge and update

A few weeks back I did a contest and as a result the below images were created. Cosmic won and he chose the model, room, pose and outfit. He wanted 2 guys up Chezara’s ass (3 total male) but the contest called for 1 on 1 and adding a second male was a bonus 😉 . I left the clothing off her in the sex pose it just did not look right and given the time I allotted for this, hours in Zbrush mucking with it was not in the cards. But gave you a second image to get a better look at Chezara, she was the very first model I rendered in Dec 2012.

The idea behind the images was that Chezara had a dinner with three men, after dinner she flaunted her body for them and they gangbanged her in the dining room, certainly a idea worthy of a full set some day.

The sex image has one with cum and one with out running down their shafts, im still tying to master that  stuff.

Update: Jessica and Ellie, I am at 50% done and caught up on post work on those images too. I got a few I need to go back and fix but I’ll do that once I’m at 100% posed/rendered. I have a few people QA’ing the set including Eric who is the owner of the Jessica sets in sense that he has commissioned all 3 sets and it looks like we will do a fourth down the road.

News: I ordered a new system that will be 100% dedicated to 3D rendering, Poser, Zbrush, 3DSMax, Maya and Photoshop will for the most part be all I install and use it for. I am hoping to be able to do a few things.

1. Get sets down faster by cutting render times down

2. Use this system for a bunch of small commissions I’ve been putting off and/or work on 2 sets simultaneously (so many ideas so little time)

3. More blog posts, more free bee sets

The system will have 2X the GPUs I have now and I’ve actually got a 3rd 770 sitting here doing nothing as this system had heating issues with 2 cards in it. Potentially I’ll go form 2800 GPS to almost 6000 render time should not impact getting images out, today it dose. Next week I plan to do nothing but render Jessica and Ellie so that I am well ahead of the curve for the Aug 23rd release date.







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