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Carina Night Before Christmas

Carina’s holiday set is done!

She’s always had sex dreams bordering on nightmarish but when teen cutie Carina falls asleep on Christmas Eve she finds herself in a sexy Mrs Claus outfit in a dark, strange version of her home. Five nasty gnomes are putting presents under her tree, but decide they’d rather put their “presents” in every hole Carina has! This pigtailed sweetie has a fun gangbang full of fucking, sucking and spanking, enjoying every cum-splashed moment of it.

Available at Mongo’s site and Affect3D









Also starting part 2 of The Chronicles Of Dun’Ragon, with story writing done by iberos again! Working on a Drow who will play a role in Part II (sample and early WIP below), this is very early stages as we map out the charachters (Elf/Orc/Drow and more) will be another large iamge set like last time. I got the DAZ3D Octane plug in, played with it a bit today and will try and get Chloe free-bee set done after January holiday is over. Until then I am in learning mode, focusing on textures , specificly learning how to make props look better (higher resolution).



Carina soon and we have a winner!

The Holiday set featuring Carina is almost done, it looks like the 28th for release  date and will be about 45 3DX images total.  First set I posted was last December 15th and it was Carina so I felt compeled, on short time, to get a set done with a Holiday twist. I am a fan of Hitman’s work and got insperation from some of his images with these little goblins 🙂 Like all her other sets this has more focus on sex than story 🙂  and she has her “hand fiull” dealing with 5 of Santa’s helpers (Santa seems to hier anyone these days). This image set has some humor in it along with the typical monster sex.

Also we hit the 50 vote mark (thank you for voing) on the latest contest and the winner is Chloe! She is shown in a tomb raider type outfit and setting and will keep it that way for the free bee set. The challenge for me is that she is a DAZ Studio figure and I have been using Poser the past year. So this is good and bad, its good becuase I will learn more about DAZ and its something neeeded, as there is good content that can only be used in DAZ. Bad becuase it may take some time to get this done, but ill start on it after Jan 1st.

I am back watching tutorials again with Zbrush and C4D, I plan to try and render some shots in C4D soon and will post here. I like Octane but I really want to see what Vray can do 🙂

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Random Carina

A couple images I have not shared in the past of Carina and her encounter with a 3D monster in the attic, this is one of the sets I did of her re occurring nightmares. She never really knows if it is reality or not. Her shrink tells her to give in to the monsters in her dreams, so Carina eventually dose so and seems to enjoy them on the end  😉  I’m looking forward to getting her in Octane soon and see how she renders! Carina may be a character I do in Poser as I really like her skin texture, Octane messes with skin a bit but we shall see.


Almost done with Chapter 3 (Aria and the guards) then one small image set to transition Ja’linn to the Lycan / werewolf, hoping by end of week. If you like image sets and comic style PDFs give Gazukull’s newest release a look, I have it and its frigging fantastic his irate slut is hot as hell!


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