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Meet Jack Frost

This Jack Frost likes to make deals with the girls he invites to his place, swallow his cum and he will not use them as sex toys anymore. One issue however, if they swallow his cum they become an ice ornament in his play room! Carina’s got a big challenge here to get out of this bad dream or maybe she is frozen forever?

So I got Carina’s set just about done, lights, monster, props and her. That’s the good news. The bad news is real work is taking a significant amount of time away from this in the month of November and my plan was to get this rendering…. ohhh about a week ago. So far no other renders. So it will get done but not exactly sure when.

Also working on 3 other projects off and on:

1. Succubus (who will also have a human form) seducing an innocent gal that leads to hot interracial sex

2. The Elf and dark orc original image set

3. Erin and Vikki part 2, added 2 twists to this now, I think futa fans will enjoy.

4. Random new models I am rendering here and there, New G2 Elf I like alot.

All of the above will have an image or 2 sent out to Patreon supporters this week, I have 2 now!! For those who missed it I’m giving the Patreon site a shot, really not pushing too hard until animations are doable but I think I have made it worthwhile, the $5 a month pledge gets you all my sets and exclusive content monthly (I am going to try and get it done weekly).

So spread the word for me 🙂 page is here 3Dzen Patreon Page!



Lighting Test with Carina

Whaaaat, 2 posts today?!?! 😉

Thought I would share a lighting test that looks pretty good (to me anyway), but feedback welcome. I may start the X Mass Carina set now so its done before December or at least it allows enough time to do it right. Last year I jammed it in way too fast.

What do you guys think on the lighting? This is 2 mesh lights on dome above her and one small mesh plane in front of her to get a few highlights.



Carina preview

The daemon who loves to play with toys and Carina is back, Balatro made his first appearance in the image set Carina Toys in the Attic (available at Monog’s Site) where he tormented Carina with all sorts of bondage toys and props until she submitted into a wave of lustful sex.

It looks like he pays her a visit at school armed with chains,  new for Carina as her nightmares have never happened here.

These are test images early stages for this 3DX image set, still have a set to do before I get to this open but wanted to get some feedback.

Also keep voting / commenting on the previous post as I will announce the winners Friday night.

New poll on sire also regarding text / comic styles you most like if at all.

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New Bio Pic for Carina

I just did not like that other Bio picture of my favorite gal, Carina. So I changed it to one I did. That is really all I got today and some eye candy below of her having fun from the X Mass set last December, whats a blog post with out something to look at .  Enjoy..


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