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Carina Part 1 done

Carina set is well into part 2, 23 images now total.

The first 13 images of Carina entering her dream world with her stalker nemesis Balto following her until he makes his move and takes her off to his play room (last post shows you what’s going on there ).

A link with the user name and password to the first 13 WIP Carina set will be sent out to all $10 + Patreons (with at least 1 successful transaction processed) in a few minutes.

The $50 Commissions from last month (I am lagging due to system issues) should be ready this week. Hoping to get this done early May! Only working on this set ATM due to work and real life taking lots of time from me.



Carina set heating up

Here is a sneak peek on part 2 of the WIP Carina asset, I am 15 images in and this one has a hard stop at 60 so I can get more sets out!

Carina seen here after she had been stalked in the halls of this dungeon, that chair looks a bit uncomfortable :-O

Demon clown Balto has a few tricks up his sleeve this set including being able to clone himself, you know 2 are always better than 1. He also has a rather large beast in a cage that he feeds pretty girls too, seems Carina is next in line (after he has his fun)!

A download link for the first 15 images of this set will be sent out to all $10 + Patreons probably tomorrow AM, I need to post work the set. Also $1 Patreons got a second image of whats going on in the background there 😉

This will not include the comic version that Mad Monk is working on, that will be available when the set is released.



Current status

Hey everyone, wanted to post current status and stuff.

Carina: Her set is started, in typical Carina fashion she goes to bed in her modest PJs then “wakes” in a dream world, starts out in a maze of halls followed by her tormentor for a bit. This time she is revisited by Balto the demon clown man who loves restraining his girls, the twist here is in his play room he has a caged monster too that may get to ravage Carina once he is done with her :-P. Mad Monk is writing a comic for this one again and we are 6 images in 60 is target for complete set, probably mid-May finishing as I travel a week this month :-/

The past week has been a real struggle for me, I have started and stopped 4 different ideas, set up, posing 1-3 renders then I just bailed out did not like what things looked like. I think partly is I just need to chill a few days and partly I am hashing out different ideas.

DAZ3D update: I have DAZ up and running, rendered several test images and may render out 10 or so basic scene to see what you all think. DAZ is much better to work with IMO, no lag, more content and I can use high resolution models. The Octane plug in is a lot different that the Poser Octane plug in so I am also trying to learn that too. Look for some test images in the next few days.

The WoW set ive not started yet probably won’t do 2 X sets simultaneously it burnt me out last few months, maybe end of summer / fall I will try that again as I really want to get 10 sets done in 2015.

Sets: I am planning to real in the number of image to 60 or so per set, this way I can get more stuff out and maybe hit that 10 set personal goal



Next sets

Well, I am going to multi task again. I have had requests for Carina and request for Toys in the Atic or something like that again. So Monk has agreed to do the comic and I will render out another image set with our bondage freaky clown demon and his play thing Carina. More details to follow but I may start rendering production images as soon as tomorrow.

I changed Carina hair, as much as I liked the other hair it quality was shit, so she has grown her hair a bit longer and has one long pony tail, should be put to good use in the set.

The other set I am working on will be the Elf below (raw render still working on stuff) encountering several well hung monsters, not sure what yet, Torren Bulls, Orcs Miantours, something of the like, still hashing out the story ATM but the setting / room and she is pretty much done.

Rubi set is almost done I took the weekend off from it too much other stuff going on but only the ending left and will be ready to go .

Thoughts? Comments? Blog activity seems dead lately no matter how much I post :-/







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