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New Free Set Contest (VOTE)

Next 4 Posts will have a 3DX iamge and a quick story/scenario. Like last month with the Kimi set, highest rated iamge will get a 20 image set and post it here for you to download. This time I am posting all the images at the same time to level the playing field and allow you to vote with some stratigy 😉 for the on eyou most want to see as a set.

I rendered 2 of the images using DAZ3D Studio and its LUX Render engine, first renders ever with this software. Trying to learn a few other options for rendering e.g. LUX or VRay but I also want to learn DAZ3D well enough to leverage some of thier genisis content, Psoer has ways to use it but its far from optimal.

Voting will stop after one of the images hits 50 total votes, thats a pretty high number for my blog so lets see if we can get some tracktion on it and turn around a winner with in a few weeks 😉

In other news Carina’s set is coming along, im still on target to wrap up about a 40 image set by teh 25th (ish), have an image for you next week to give you mreo context on what her dream is like this time.



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