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There is a contest over at DA that I found (thanks to gazukull and his entry) so I put a quick render of Aria and Gina sharing some summer time fun. I really wanted to have a few guys around them sitting on the the pool enjoying their own fun, as on lookers but it got too buy to fast for this render.

Ok, back to the project, hint – Carina is back soon 🙂 and still having trouble sleeping




Part One now available!

Well, after much debate I have decided to divide the Ja’linn story into 2 parts. Part one is now listed with Mongo, its over 70 images with a story embedded into the images so you can understated (if you want) how things and why things progress in the direction they go in.

Part 2 is 40 or some images and who knows where that will end up, I think it depends largely on what you all think of part 1.

If you like my stuff please head over to Mongo’s site either become a member with him and download my set for $5 (70+ images) or non members $10 for his download site. Im going to chill on post work and renders for part two a few day sand play around with some new software im considering using, it allow you to view images sets and make decisions on where the story goes, im liking the concept and will post a example soon for you thoughts (maybe Carina in Octane?).

The blonde below is Ja’lin’s sister who is introduced in part 1.

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The Guards Play Thing

After Aria is brought to meet the Baron she somehow (wait for the erotic story to find out how) is fondled and stripped by the two studs. A bit fearful at first, our hot little 3D redhead cant resist how she feels once things get heated and is more than willing to feel these two dicks in her.

I have 15 images done of her with these two well hung characters and I am having fun with some new poses and using the barrels and push cart in this wine cellar, this image set (part 3 of 4) will get to 25-30 if not more 🙂

I’m still working on cleaning up and configuring this new blog up, will be done in a week or 2 is my guess. Please help me with this new blog, vote and/or leave a comment so I can see how the widgets are working and change if needed.


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Aria meets the Baron

I spent all of last week re rendering part 1 (22 images now) and have just started the scene after Ja’linn meets her friend Aria at the Tavern. Not going to give away the story but will tell you that Aria is brought to the lower level of the Tavern to have a “chat” with the Baron of the Village.

I will post some XXX samples of this scene in a day or so, just wanted to post an update and see what you thought of my first redhead on the blogg 😛

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