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Amarie and Nebibi

I have many girls going back to last year I have never rendered, when I see something I like at Daz3D or Renderosity or Renderotica I buy it (impulse 3D shopper I guess).

So here is Amarie with her panther companion Nebibi.

We are 40% done with Dunragon and are making good progress the past week or so.

Finished watching the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones, I can’t believe I never watched them when they were running but happy I am ready for the season 4 opener. I was thinking a 3D image set for it would be fun. I voted on Mongo’s site for him to do another GoT set maybe he will.

Another on the things to do is finally update the Bios, I only have 2 of the girls up there and they need new Octane rendered images and I need to add some girls we have been and will focus on down the road, so look for those updates the next month or so.

Oh and Sumuner is updating again after an lag in posts he has been dealing with real life so visit his site and show him some love.


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