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Erin set nearing completion!

Hey all, this set is nearly done. There will be a part 2 later in the year, Erin’s dream sequence is the focus here.

A little note about the set:

Like most college students, Erin never has enough money to make ends meet, so she takes up whatever jobs are available to make some extra cash. One of these is volunteering at campus medical center for psychological tests, fitness tests and so on. On this particular night, Erin is scheduled to be part of a new sleep trial, led by Witchstone’s premier sleep specialist, Dr. Alexis Mackenzie.

Dr. Alexis Mackenzie: Witchstone’s youngest doctorate and academic poster-child, this 20 something researcher is well respected and loved by her colleagues and academic peers. However, among her students, particularly women, she has a very hands on style of work. Regardless, her work in sleep science has lead to breakthroughs throughout the medical community, thus she has been given substantial leeway in how she conducts her experiments. Tonight, she has invited one of her most gifted students, Erin to her lab in order to trial her latest invention, dubbed “The Dream-Catcher”.

A reminder, Patreons $5 + get this set Next week, $10+ have ACT 1 and 2 already ~ 40 iamges.




Erin lets her hair down, with some help from Alexis, let me know what you think. It looks rather sexy later in the image set when she is having some fun, at least to me 🙂

Anyway, I am done with ACT 1, 17 total images as a set up with Erin, Dr Alexis and Kimberly. Target for this is 60-70 images and if I can bang out 2 a day between now and Jan 31st the set will be released in Feb at some point.

Rubi Set is also rolling along, 45 images now! ACT 3 is not content I will sell with the set at Vendor sites; it’s that type of content. The set features a shape shifter character that starts as a panther then end up human (Rubi enjoys all stages of his shifting). I am planning to distribute ACT 3 by request from Patron, $5 supporter who have paid at least 1 month in the past will get the images when the set is released and as always $10 + will get the ATC 3 when ACT 3 is released (again by request and if the Patreon has made at least 1 payment).

So, food for thought, if you are planning on buying the Rubi set save yourself $5, become a Patreon now, make the $5 payment Feb 1st (the don’t charge you until the 1st of each month even on initial sign up) then you will get the Vendor set and the not for sale content by request 😉

Sneak Peek rated PG image of ACT 3 will be posted in a few days.

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