Carina 70% done!

Carina first 39 images are done, this has a hard stop at 60 MAX. Couple teaser images below of the next part. Some explaining is also needed for the story, as I have not posted any of the comic text parts that do some explaining on what’s going on.

First in typical Carina fashion she will be in her bedroom reading a book on Greek Mythology (Minators to be exact) prior to falling asleep. This should help explain the caged beast in the back ground. Second the Demonic clown man can do all sorts of stuff in this set, clone himself, morph his dick as needed etc…

As always any issues or feedback please post or PM me!

All $10 + Patreons (with at least 1 successful transaction) will have a link with user name and password to review all 39 images that are done.

This is the aftermath of a face fuck she just got and a facial cum shot :-O



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I love how she like scared. but i don’t see any monsters ? this chapter seems like warmup maybe? I’ll be excited for chapter two when i hopes all pages has big monsters get carina hope that happens for summer and i will buy that chapter yes! thank you zen!
mm really great art tho!

April 19, 2015 at 2:44 am libby8 reply
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