Chapter 3 The halfdrow Part 1

Ok fans, the long awaited chapter 3 of the Chronicles of Dun’ragon will be finished this week as we are on the final 4 images of the set. We took a Chronicles set that was to be teased in this one but made available in the future after Chapter 3 and decided to incorporate it into this set and kinda giving you two chronicles in one.

Confused? We are too, lol, but youll enjoy it anyway!

We are giving you two more reasons to snatch this set up as soon as its available with Mongo Bongo and Affect3d on June 28th , the first is one of iberios (who is the master mind behind the story and main QA resource  for images) all-time favorites with the halfdrow, the halfelf and the halforc are being taken to trial. Fae’aria ignores Naila and looks back at Tharkan in worry, but not for herself, she fears for his life!

And the second image introduces a new woman of power, Lady Sylma, into all their lives, but is she friend or foe? Looks can sometimes be deceiving…

Anyway, keep voting and commenting . We will continue to put out the best images we can whether you like it or not! Lol. Unless we hear from you, we wont know if you want to continue to follow the stories…

Thanks and enjoy!

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Did you plan some set with this cute drow?

June 21, 2014 at 1:44 pm Maverick reply

@Maverick – Yes, the Drow is in this set,i mostly to introduce her as a main character the Chronicles of Dun’ragon sets/story. She has some sex images in this next set and the plan is her feature set is the next one we release for the Chronicles of Dun’ragon

June 21, 2014 at 3:46 pm Zen reply
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