Jade and Chezara

This is a story about a girl named Jade, a social introvert who tends to obsess over girls she meets at the upscale clothing store she works at. She is much too shy to approach the girls that interest her. One day at the store a fashion model named Chezara came in made a purchase and Jade instantly took notice of her, that tingly feeling in her huge futanari cock took hold. She noticed her address was not too far from her and she had a plan to spy on this sexy modle maybe jerk off and go home, this would be much more satisfying than a magazine picture or her memory of Chezara. When Jade finds a back door slider open she decides to “introduce herself”.

This is the second set I have in the works, I am collaborating with one of the best 3D artists out there HZR. I am basically his pose bitch while he is doing the renders along with the materials shaders, lighting, and corrections. He had this awesome house already set up and it’s perfect for this set.

He will be on Patreon by the time this set is released but you can also find his work at Affect 3D here:

The story is a Patreon commission set from “eric” who first approached me on this like umm 10 years ago

There are 14 teaser images you can get off my patreon post here:

pose009b pose011c

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