WIP Halloween Set

Hailey went to church to confess however it seems a demon vampire runs this establishment however :0-)  45 iamges in release date Oct 22nd. Patreons got the first 45 today.

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Meet Julia, tight little Latina gal prime for some 3DX fun!

I have been working on an animation for an RPG maker on Patreon, its 90% done and looks like end of week Patreons will see it. BIG shout out to Stone Sorcerer for his help, guidance and suggestions to get this done.
Real work has been a bit nuts, and I travel tomorrow and some on Thursday – Friday, I have to get going on the next Patreon set and the Halloween stuff ASAP!
Oh, and this animation was done in DAZ3D it’s the first and LAST time I use DAZ to animate the tools are really bad (im being very nice there) ! I am looking at Motionbuilder by Autodesk as a possible tool, I would export the DAX figures out in FBX format animate in MB then send it back to DAZ/C4D/Vray in Amblic format to render. Stay tuned!
You will see a push for animations and RPG games with image sets being the main deliverable the next 3-6 months.



Barbarian’s Reward is done

Rendering and posing is done just doing last post work and title page – ~90 images total; all Patreons will get this in the next 24 hours!

On Sale this week exclusively at Affect 3D



A Barbarian’s Reward

I am at 80 images on this set should be done Friday-Saturday this week, all $10+ get the WIP today.

This is a Patreon commission set, I have 4 more in the Que and have stopped accepting these until I am 100% caught up. These sets take 4-6 weeks if things go smoothly e.g. real work and over all technical stuff don’t get in the way.

Final part one more pose and a big cum shot!


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