Gabby and Maggie

This is a test render for a Patreon  commission, the goal was to move them form Octane to C4D Vray.

Small steps 😉 but progress. I have to work on the hair and skin some and now really dig into lighting.




Carina converted

Carina converted to G2, this is probably the final version as G2. I will look into moving her to G3 also but first I plan to get the other V4 characters I used in Poser to G2 first.

May give her a look in Vray this week too, also I got her next set idea in my head 😉




WFUTA is done!

WFUTA featuring Tori (futa girl) Renee, Jenifer and Doctor Carlson (futa girl) is completed and will be available at Affect 3D exclusively this Saturday.

In total 90 images that have Tori lose control on live TV during a remote interview with Doctor Carlson who can’t help herself when Tori starts fucking Renee and then the intern camera girl Jenifer.

We have group sex, oral, anal, vaginal, multiple cum shots and a special bonus images showing Doctor Carlson’s self-sucking session as she watches the three via her remote link.

My $5 + Patreons get this set today if you’re interested in supporting me it be appreciated.

Re blog on tumblr if you can / want as I am almost at 3k followers




A high quality large image set depicting the story of two sisters (Kari and Zoey) needing a job and answer an ad for molding. The set has 4 different settings starting out at the girls apartment, moving to a photo shoot, then to an upscale slave training facility and finally Zoey is taken to her first “job” as a new part of Jeff and Jonathan’s stable.

In total it’s a 200 image set story, largest single set I have done….

On sale at my store over at Rend Erotica exclusively shortly or  for Patreon’s 







(teen, redhead, blonde, big tits, cum shot, facial, tit torture, electric torture,  abduction, forced orgasm, petite, fit, tight body, bound, BSDM, bondage, extreme, latex, gimp, toys, rope, chains, nonconsensual, non-consensual, rape, group, voyeur, cum swap, authoritarian, slave, prostitution, virgin, internal cum, ass cum, anal, spanking, flogging, forced, sisters)


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