Vray – Octane

Both images are basically the same light set up, no walls / floor etc… One done in Octane one in V-Ray. With Vray I had much more control over lights and the materials and was able to get a slight sheen on her without over whelming specular spots and I also feel she looks softer in a good way. Seems with Octane unless you use HDRI it’s real difficult (for me) to get realistic results. There is no HDRI in these its 3 mesh lights. Feedback welcome she is a WIP for a commission.

V2_Octane_01 V2_VRAY_02



Jessica up close

More Vray testing, worked on eyes all day yesterday, I think this will work and lighting has a lot to do with it. Love C4D ability to allow lights to effect certain things e.g. I can have a light for reflections for G3 not effect props / rooms etc… not applicable here just a random comment 😉



New Jessica and updates.

Another crack at Jessica in C4D/Vray, feedback as always. Struggling a bit with hair (the top of her head has odd crap going on in geometry and it’s not as soft as I would like) and getting them right. This is “ok” but not where I want it to be.


  1. Work in Progress weekly update incoming Friday to all $10+ Patreons, Comic revamped at about 50 images now and yep Jen the young intern camera operator has joined the fun just could not help herself to see what futa is all about first hand.
  2. Commissions, are not started for this month and I still have 3 outstanding form last month…… It’s on me and I will get them done and I will add in some extras for your wait – thank you.
  3. Shades of Darkness II – 175 images done, 10-20 to go – home stretch. This has gone longer than I thought but one thing led to another and BAM almost 200 images later. You will all have thi sin June.
  4. WFUTA set is 45 images in plus 10 of Dr Carlson bonus images (the image son the Big TV screen I am putting in as extras at end).
  5. Patreon only set is slowly working in my head rather than an elaborate setting and making this a huge long effort I may get you a 50 image set of a very simple scene, like a phot shoot setting with a few props as the plan is to render it in C4D.
  6. Animations have lagged, I plan to do a couple once these 2 sets are done
  7. Demon Doll House II is in “set up phase” e.g. character creation – Jessica is first, Ellie then demons…

New job has been cutting into time too, until I can hit about 5k a month earnings I need a real job to make ends meet. I know to get to 5k I gota get to animation.

Learning, C4D and Vray I am liking so much that it’s taken me off the sets and commissions this past week, part of my procrastination in learning this soon was due to

  1. I knew I’d want to dive in and not look back based on what others have done with these tools.
  2. I knew it would hinder current projects an di always have 1-2 sets + 3-6 commissions going on

All that said, the test images I have posted, all be it simple, look better, took less time and has a cleaner workflow than DAZ/Zbrush/octane. Still weeks of learning to get into this deeper and be able to put a solid scene / lighting together. Next steps is jsut that put the characters into a house setting no props and ligth it up see what we get



C4D / Vray

The first time I dove into 3DX rendering I posted on my DA account and Google Blog that I wanted to learn C4D and Vray, this was about 3.5 years ago :-O (I’m a slow learner and procrastinator) I have finally started to test things in these tools. I love the tools, really!

I spent all weekend tweaking, reading and on SKYPE with Mophium (who is going to open a Patreon soon) and I finally feel this is worth sharing for feedback.

Very simple pin up render of G3 girl in C4D rendered in Vray. More to come, my goal 1 set in 2016 in C4d/Vray

Thoughts/feedback – please!


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